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נועם קורטלר  -  קורס צלילה

Some people dream.

Some people make it happen.

I made a dream come true and established Nemo divers.

I offer dive courses for small groups and give all of my knowledge and experience which I have acquired over the years, to ensure my clients' comfort and continuous enjoyment.

Make your dream come true as well.

Regards ,

Noam Kortler, a a global ambassador represents the diving equipment company MARES


* "Nemo Divers" is recognized by the Israel Sports Diving Authority

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קורס צילום תת ימי

Underwater photography school

An underwater photography guide is rich in international knowledge and experience. I Won leading photography competitions in Israel and around the world ( BBC Nature Photography Competition, France International Underwater Photography Festival and more). Individual training in groups of up to 2 trainees. Teaching underwater photography courses to beginner and advanced level while adapting the course to the level of knowledge and experience of the trainees. A unique introduction to the most interesting photography areas in Eilat.

Guided Dives

On a diving vacation, like any other vacation, you want to enjoy as much as possible and take advantage of every moment of the vacation.

At Nemo Dives, you can make guided dives at all the leading dive sites in Eilat in small groups and up to 4 dives in the group, which guarantees you more enjoyment underwater and an unforgettable experience without having to rush or end the dive prematurely.

Introduction Dive

Have you always dreamed of diving but were a little worried?

Discover the underwater world in the 6-meter deep dive with full diving gear for one of the most beautiful riffs in the Red Sea in Eilat. After a short briefing, we will dress you up and take you to an unforgettable experience and ensure you get out of the water with a wide smile and a desire to come and join us for the upcoming course .

Open Water Diver and Advanced Open Water diving course

This is your ticket to the underwater world. During a course of a week, we will train you to become enthusiastic divers with lots of knowledge and fun. At the end of the course you will open a door to the wonderful underwater world and a strong desire to continue to dive and develop your diving skills in advanced courses and even join us in spectacular diving trips around the world .

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