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Photography Equipment And Accessories For Sale 

Whether you wish to buy an underwater camera, upgrade your underwater photography equipment system or buy accessories, at Nemo Divers you will be able to choose from a wide variety of top brands that specialize in the underwater photography world.


As stated, Nemo Divers is the importer and sole distributor of a number of brands in the world of underwater photography products.


As part of our service, you will receive professional consultation and advice to assemble an underwater photography set for different levels and match your personal requirements, and all that at no additional charge.


At Nemo Divers you will be able to purchase your underwater photography equipment at a lower price and without V.A.T.

Fantasea - Compact photography equipment


Nemo Divers are dealers and distributors of Fantasea an international manufacturer of a wide range of compact camera housing, filters, wet lenses and a broad variety of additional accessories.

Logo Fantasea ציוד צילום תת ימי

Seacam - Dealer in Israel


"The combination of elegance, innovation and precision, present a new dimension in the symbiosis of state-of-the-art underwater housings and digital single lens reflex cameras. Electronic and mechanic perfection of the highest level is perfectly combined with timeless, modern and ergonomic shapes. SEACAM can therefore fulfill the wishes of dedicated hobby photographers as well as those of discerning professional photographers and guarantee superior technology and highest long term value."


"Seacam believes that an underwater camera housing is supposed to fulfill the requirements of the photographer, not vice versa. The result is what you can see now. We build underwater camera housings – but it is only in the hands of the photographers that they show their true qualities." Seacam is the choice of the leading underwater photographers.

Logo SEACAM ציוד צילום תת ימי

Dealers of ScubaLamp in Israel.


Scubalamp specializes in the production of diving lights for recreational, technical and any kind of underwater photography and videography. All dive lights have a lightweight aluminum alloy body and are seawater resistant. You can find a wide variety of dive lights with different illumination power and light diffusion intensities. All dive lights are water resistant up to 100 meters deep.

Dedicated adapters for of the dive lights are available for all underwater photography equipment, for easy and convenient connection to your camera housings.

In addition, ScubaLamp manufactures arms for flashes and other photography accessories.


Ultralight Control Systems – sole dealer and distributor in Israel


ULTRALIGHT is a world leading manufacturer of mounting arm systems and a wide variety of accessories for your underwater photography kits. Ultralight accessories fit all brands and make your underwater photography experience enjoyable, more fun and much easier.


Among the wide variety of Ultralight products you could find : Trays for all compact camera housings, a large choice of arms in different lengths, clamps, all kinds of adaptors for strobes and housings, tripods and many more…


All Ultralight parts are made from light weight aluminum alloy which are highly resistant to salt water.


logo ULTRALIGHT ציוד צילום תת ימי

REEFNET – dealer and distributor in Israel


For all of you enthusiastic macro photographers who want to get better results or even wish to get super macro photos, you will

Logo ReefNet ציוד צילום תת ימי

RETRA – dealer and distributor in Israel


Photography is all about light and the LSD is all about controlling the light. Easily mounted to your flash it makes a big difference to your macro and wide angle photographs. And it's not just about the spotlights...

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