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Diving activities

צלילת הכרות

Introductory Dive


Have you always wanted to dive but hesitated?

Come to discover the underwater world with us in our Introductory Dive Program to a depth of up to 6 meters, including complete diving equipment, at one of the most beautiful reefs in the Red Sea at Eilat.


After brief instructions as how to breathe and behave underwater, you will put on a diving suit and you will be led to the water where you can stand. There you will take your first breaths underwater until you feel comfortable. Then you will slowly sink and begin your first dive where you will discover an unforgettable experience that will increase your desire to continue with an amazing diving course leaving your worries behind.

It's possible to photograph the underwater experience to cherish a most memorable adventure and return home with a wonderful souvenir.


This Introductory Dive is suitable from anyone who is age 8.  

צלילת רענון

Refresh Dive


In case you haven't dived for over 6 months, come to us for a refresher dive and we'll bring you back to the water and back to the world of active divers. and we'll remind you of the fun and enjoyment in diving.


The refresher dive takes about 2 hours when during this time, you will get comprehensive instructions, including all the rules and regulations to dive safely and enjoyably.


We will remind you how to assemble and prepare your diving equipment and how to check it before each dive.


Now that you are ready to dive, we'll go into shallow water and rehearse the diving skills that you know such as: clearing and removing your mask underwater, recovering your regulator, assisting your dive buddy in case he's run out of air, and of course, diving and controlling your buoyancy underwater.


When you complete the refresher dive successfully, you are welcome to join us in one of our guided dives at various diving sites that we offer every day.

Very Important!!

In order to participate in our refresher dive, you must have valid diving insurance (if you don't have one check this link), a diving certificate (from any authorized diving organization) and diving log book so that we can sign and stamp it certifying that you have successfully passed the refresher dive.


Annual diving insurance

צלילות מודרכות

Annual diving insurance


Guided Dives


On a diving vacation like any other vacations, you'll want to enjoy every minute.

At Nemo Divers you will be able to join guided dives to the all the leading diving sites in Eilat in small personal groups.

Up to 4 divers only in a group will ensure you maximum enjoyment underwater and have an unforgettable experience without rushing or urging you to finish the dive.

The unique advantage that our guided dives offer, besides small groups, is the vast experience and knowledge of many years with the reef and the marine life hidden in secret places underwater and we can expose you to those unforgettable sites of critters and marine life that you don’t see on any average dive. 

We will supply you with full diving equipment, including diving booties and a diving computer at no additional charge, since we believe in comfort and safety for each diver. 

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