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Treasures of the Sea

Treasures of the sea is a series of photo galleries of Noam Kortler's underwater photography.


This unique exhibition is Noam's vision presented for the first time in Eilat wherein the first time ever the entire exhibition was displayed underwater. This was frenetically prepared by Noam, in cooperation with various parties, who invested immense efforts to realize Noam's dream. The pictures were displayed at numerous spots along the South Beach. The visitors are equipped with diving gear and go down to the depths of the sea to view the exhibition.


In light of the remarkable feedback the exhibition received and after many requests to see the exhibition, the photos were dried and were brought up so that the land dwellers could enjoy the fascinating underwater world. Various pictures are exhibited at numerous galleries in Israel and worldwide.


The pictures on exhibition are for sale. Each picture is printed in a limited numbered edition. Those interested in purchasing any picture are advised to contact Noam Kortler directly.

The pictures presented in the exhibition are for sale. Each item was printed in a limited amount of copies and has a unique ID.

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