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קורס צלילה באילת

Nemo Divers is proud to present the safest and most enjoyable way to the magical underwater world in the Red Sea in Eilat. Nemo Divers is a small dive center with immense knowledge and rich experience, a combination which allows us to show you the diving world in a different and truly unique way.


How is it different?


At Nemo Divers study groups open weekly with no more than four participants in each group. So, each and every person gets warm personal treatment with emphasis on the quality instruction and progress according to the progress of each participant.


Our motto is individual care for each diver.

The dive center is located close as possible to the water, allowing quick and easy approach. We have state-of-the-art equipment, including diving booties, a balanced regulator allowing easy breathing under the water, a comfortable flexible diving suit and a variety of masks to fit each diver's face. The equipment is yours for the entire length of the course in order to ensure good clean working equipment and maximum hygiene.


Each student diver will receive a diving computer, and will learn how to dive and plan his dives in the safest and most enjoyable manner.


The schedule for the course is flexible and will be coordinated with the group. The utilization of time is maximized in the theory class and of course in the time spent underwater diving. Since at Nemo Divers there are not two or more courses running at the same time in the same week so we have more time and energy just for you, so you will see that your knowledge and diving skills will by far pass those who have taken similar courses at other dive centers.


At Nemo Divers we believe that a good diver respects nature and so we strongly emphasize the importance of nature and how to be a buoyant diver, as well as correct and safe diving. Therefore, we take time to invest in each and every student diver without watching the clock. In case there is a need for an additional dive to strengthen the student, we will make another dive at no added expense.


At the end of the course you will be certified and receive an international diving certificate from the top leading worldwide diving organization, SSI.


If you are already a certified diver, you will be able to find a wide range of specialty courses from the SSI diving organization to improve your skills and diving knowledge, increase your pleasure and diving safety.


At Nemo Divers you will be able to dive at all the leading dive sites in Eilat in small groups of up to 4 divers only, which allows you to enjoy each and every minute under the water without rushing or cutting the dive short.


Our unique and outstanding advantage that we offer is our extensive knowledge of the underwater inhabitants and years of knowing the fish and corals. This allows us to show you unbelievable sites and fish that you have never seen nor known that they exist.


We will supply each diver with complete diving equipment, including diving booties, and a personal diving computer at no additional expense, since we believe in comfort and safety of each diver.


We don't adhere to a strict time schedule or fixed dive site for each day. We allow you to choose the dive site and the time that is suitable for you.


I am a leading diver with over 20 years of instructor experience, with at least 5,000 students, an underwater photographer with numerous awards in international competitions and was a manager of the biggest diving school in Israel, accompanied countless students and enjoyed thousands of instruction hours in the Red Sea in Eilat, as well as exotic places in the world such as: Papua New Gunea, Fiji, the Galapalos, French Polynesia, the Maldives and many more.


I am happy to draw from the vast experience that I have acquired, in the most enjoyable manner and devote my full attention to each and every diver who wants to get up close and meet all my friends on the reef in the underwater world.



Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Noam Kortler

Head Instructor and manager of Nemo DIvers

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My husband and I recently had the honor of diving with PADI instructor, dive guide and award winning underwater photographer, Noam Kortler.

I first heard about Noam after doing a Google search for Eilat diving and finding his website But what really got my attention is when I saw his winning entry into the 2007 Our World Underwater competion - (two golden seahorses making a heart won first place in the macro category).

Upon more research, I found that Noam had also placed first in the macro category in the 2006 Our World Underwater Competition, and first place in Under The Blue 2007. I emailed Noam and told him I was an underwater photographer looking for a dive guide. I got an immediate response, and he said he would be happy to personally show us the local reefs.


We spent 3 days shore diving in the Eilat Marine Park. My goal was to optimize bottom time and get as many shots as I could, so we did 3 dives a day at very shallow depths for over an hour each. Noam showed us numerous fish and creatures on probably the most pristine and diverse reef colony I have ever seen, all in a very small area. I have never seen so many fish and coral species in one place - 5 seahorses of 2 species, pipefish, frogfish, lionfish, clownfish, blue spotted rays, squid, octopus, the strange pegasus fish (sea moth) and spiny devilfish, and many other species of fish and sea creatures. We spent 5 of our 9 dives at a single spot - Moses Rock, a coral bommie about 15 ft tall and 30 ft wide in about 30 feet of water. It was a riot of color and teeming with fish. There is a nice wreck and several other dive sites in the vicinity, but we just didn't have time to do them on this trip.


I cannot say enough good things about Noam Kortler. He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and one of the most talented underwater photographers around. Noam operates out of a dive center at the Marine Park with great facilities including lockers, tables, rinse tanks, restrooms and an excellent restaurant, which made everything so easy. I took over 700 photos in 3 days, and would never have accomplished what I did in such a short time had it not been for Noam. Considering the fact that he devoted his time to diving exclusively with us and provided all of the rental gear we needed, his prices were not much different than what it would cost to go out on a boat. If you are considering diving the Red Sea, I highly recommend Eilat and Noam Kortler and his staff of PADI instructors at Nemo Divers. Sure, Sharm el Sheik may have bigger reefs, more wrecks, wall diving, big pelagics and casinos, but for a macro/closeup photographer, Eilat is heaven.


August in Eilat is hot - around 100 degrees during the day, but it cools off to around 70 at night. The water is a pleasant 78 degrees, which was just about perfect. Eilat is a beautiful, modern resort city with lots to do, excellent restaurants and great shopping. We stayed at the Hilton Queen of Sheba Resort, which I highly recommend, a little pricey but worth it. It is located just a short taxi ride from the Marine Park, and there are other hotels within walking distance.


To get there from Texas, we flew American Airlines to London, British Airways to Tel Aviv and Arkia (the Israeli airline) to Eilat. Unfortunately, we had to go through London Heathrow Airport, which I would recommend avoiding at all costs if possible. If you can't you need a minimum of 3 hours to make your connecting flight, and be advised that Heathrow only allows 1 carry on bag. When boarding Arkia in Tel Aviv, be prepared to be questioned by security for 30-45 minutes. Security is very high all over Israel, which is what makes it a safe place to visit. Try not to schedule travel on Saturdays, which is Shabbat, the Jewish sabbath. Arkia has limited flights on Saturdays and many services are not available. We didn't notice that our travel agent had booked our flight for Friday, and we would have had to leave a day early. We ended up canceling our flight back to Tel Aviv on Friday and hiring a taxi to take us to the airport on Saturday rather than miss a day of diving. We didn't mind, because on the 4-hour drive through the desert we got to see some amazing scenery.


It was an excellent trip and we hope to return someday.


Pauline Walsh Jacobson.


Nemo Divers Noam Kortler is the excellent choice for diving and taking underwater photography in Eilat, Israel.


Noam is a very experience diving instructor how knows exactly where all the underwater creatures can be found and take you there and show you everything there is to see.

This was my 4th trip to Eilat to dive with Noam and I enjoyed every minute


Willie Niedermayr

Visited January 2014

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